Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks!

Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm 21 weeks along today! And I am so excited that it's finally December! Not only does it mean listening to Christmas music is now a given (even though I've been obsessed for the past two months), but my husband and I both have birthdays coming up this month! We're planning a special weekend getaway to Vermont to eat at our favorite restaurants for his birthday; I can't wait!

It's been a busy week! For Thanksgiving, my husband & I trekked down to New Jersey for his extended family's Thanksgivukkah. Even though we're already halfway along, we wanted to wait to share the news that we're pregnant until we saw the entire family in person. Everyone was shocked! With the shirt I was wearing, I thought I would be able to hide my pregnancy a little, but as soon as someone hears the words "pregnant" or "due date," everyone comes rushing in to pat the belly! I honestly didn't expect everyone to be so excited for us, but it made me feel loved to have so many people thrilled for our new addition. :)

When we got back to Boston, we had another exciting event awaiting us: our first concert at Boston Symphony Hall! I bought tickets to the show a few months ago featuring a Brahms piano concerto & Beethoven's 7th symphony, knowing that at this point in my pregnancy, our little one would be able to hear the music! When my mom was pregnant with me, she went to the orchestra and I have been musical all my life. It was special to me to be able to be doing the same thing for my son, 25 years later. He was kicking so much, especially during the Beethoven piece! I loved it. Keep kicking little man! :)

Week: 21 weeks!

Gender: Boy :)

Total Weight Gain:
Just under 4lbs still! I really don't know how - I eat so much. 

Exercise: Mostly just walking this week. I definitely need to start doing squats again, it makes me feel stronger. Something to strengthen my back would also be helpful! Any ideas?

Nutrition: Well, you know, it was Thanksgiving ;) 

Food cravings/aversions: I loved applesauce with my latkes at Thanksgivukkah! So yummy!  

Signs of Stretch Marks: Not yet! :) 

Maternity Clothes: Still loving cardigans and long shirts. In the photos above I'm wearing my new shirt from Motherhood Maternity.

Sleep: This has definitely been the hardest week sleeping so far. If I don't prop a pillow under my belly, the weight of it is just too much and it causes me to wake up. :/

Feeling: Busy! Preparing & traveling for Thanksgiving and trying to get our Christmas cards ready to order has kept me pretty frantic this week! I haven't really had time to do any fun things for Hanukkah.  

Baby Movement: Oh yeah! Especially at the orchestra. :)

Belly Button In or Out? In

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

What I miss most this week: Eggs benedict! Extra hollandaise please! 

Best moment this week: It's a toss up between the concert & the Thanksgiving pregnancy reveal!

Looking forward to: My husband's birthday in a couple weeks!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Are you doing anything to celebrate Hanukkah this year? Also, any exercise suggestions for back strengthening? Preferably moves I can do without any equipment. Thanks for reading! I love hearing from you! :)

xo kristen genevieve


  1. You look great! Can't wait to feel those first kicks! I can't believe you only gained 4lbs so far…I need to eat whatever you're eating! :)

    1. Thanks, Nadine! I can't believe it either - I think just every body reacts differently to pregnancy. I don't think its abnormal to have gained 12-15lbs at this point in pregnancy.
      I was overweight as a kid and have spent a lot of my adulthood learning about how to eat well. I avoid artificial foods and limit sugar as much as possible (I only drink water & coffee with milk, no sweetened drinks!). Since being pregnant, I've tried to eat plain low-fat yogurt with low-sugar granola & frozen berries for breakfast almost everyday, and bananas, clementines, or some sort for fresh fruit for snacks. I grew up eating foods from cans & boxes. My rule of thumb now is basically to eat foods that will eventually spoil, because they're the most natural!
      Love your updates! I hope you get to feel those kicks soon! It makes all the nausea worth it. ;)

  2. I love, love, love reading these pregnancy updates! I am just thrilled every time I see your belly bump growing. So adorbs! I think that's wonderful that you are sharing the traditions of both of your families. I want our little man to speak Spanish and Farsi so that we can continue to maintain the cultural traditions from both, although my husband does not necessarily strongly identify with his Persian side.

    I ca't believe you have gained so little! I feel like a big blob lots of the time now. Maybe I am eating too much? Whoops! So exciting to hear your boy is kicking away. I have been playing him classical cd's in the hopes that Mr. ShuGar can feel him move, but nothing just yet. I can feel him, but it's still too small for him to feel. Your maternity clothes are the cutest ever! I wish I had more suggestions for back strengthening, but I would normally say Pilates is great for that, but I don't know how it works with our bump. I have been doing Zumba and step (without the actual step) and it gets my heart moving. I just love to dance!

    Well, bump sister, happy 21 weeks!!

    1. Wow Farsi-that's incredible! Does your husband speak Farsi or do you want to learn basics to teach your little boy?
      Neither me or my husband truly speak other languages, but we both studied Spanish in school enough to teach the basics. However, my mom spent half her childhood in Belgium and she & her family are still fluent in French. I would like to try to teach my kids Spanish mostly because I feel like its the most practical for living in America, and because its easier to teach what I already know.
      Does baby move around to classical music? I've been playing jazz & Christmas music lately, with some classical mixed in. My little guy moves a lot throughout the day, but is most active after I eat. I really hope your husband gets to feel him soon! :)

      I can't believe I've gained so little either. I don't think you're eating too much though, you look gorgeous and I think you are more normal than me! I even asked my doctor if everything's okay and she said I'll gain more soon, everything is good and my baby's size is right on track. I swear I eat all day! :)
      Always love hearing from you!! :)


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