Baby's First Christmas Wishlist

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I am beyond excited about celebrating Christmas with my little one next year!! Since my little guy will be around 8 months old by next Christmas, we won't be able to do all the fun things that older kids get to do. But let's face it - these holiday memories are really for me & my husband!

Here is a list of a few things I want to do with my new little family:
1. Decorate the Christmas tree together as a family! 
2. Take creative Christmas photos of our little man 
3. Sing & dance to Christmas music
4. Color some holiday pictures & send to the grandparents from the little artist
5. Dress him in a nice holiday outfit
6. And maybe a costume or two...
7. Or at least give him this adorable reindeer hat I bought on Etsy 
 8. Make red & green play dough 
9. Bake Christmas cookies
10. Use Washi tape to create Christmas scenes on the wall!
11. Make a Gingerbread House
12. Go outside & play in the snow
13. Read him a classic Christmas bedtime story
14. Write a letter to Santa 
15. Create & hang a couple Christmas ornaments on the tree, just for him

What do you want to do for your baby's first Christmas? Anything you wish you would have done? Do you have any more ideas for me to add to the list? For more inspiration, visit my Pinterest Board: Baby's First Christmas. Happy dreaming!

xo kristen genevieve


  1. I want to do them all!!!! So freaking cute. I love the ones with the lights. I need to take DIY classes so I can do crafts with our little one. I am obsessed the washi tape and I can't wait to write a letter to Santo with him. I can't wait to make a tradition of an ornament and decorating of the tree so that every year we build on our tradition. I'm dying over that reindeer hat. I can't take it. I want! Maybe one day our boys can play together. Wouldn't that be rad?

    1. It would be so wild! I also love washi tape & I really like that its becoming more main stream. I searched all over two years ago to use it at my wedding and it took awhile to find what I wanted - now I think Scotch is making it!

  2. I love this list also, how fun! All the ideas are beautiful, and I would add "sitting in front of the fire while you sleep on my belly". Such a time of magic and splendor, and it only gets better as the babes get older!

    1. Aww love your addition! I wish I had a fireplace! Such a great idea :)

  3. Oh how cute! That snowman get up is ADORBS!! Love it...

    Great list! My kiddo is too old for this and won't stand for it.. lol

    Keep it Touched,

    1. Haha when you said that I pictured you trying to dress up a 10 year old like that snowman! MAde me laugh :) Thanks for leaving your link & stopping by!


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