Christmas Is On Its Way!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Christmas tree last year!

Maybe its a pregnant thing, because this year, I've been abnormally obsessed with Christmas music since the beginning of October! I've held off setting up decorations until now, but as soon as Thanksgiving is over, you bet your bippy I'll be hanging lights & setting up the tree! 

When I was a kid, Christmas involved so many fun traditions. On Christmas Eve, my family went to church in the afternoon, then drove around the neighborhood spotting Christmas lights & decorations. Then at home, we would eat fondue together, and then each kid would get to open one present. The next morning, my brother, sister & I would rush downstairs at 5am and sit in front of the glowing tree, mesmerized by all the presents, until we were allowed to wake my parents at 7am. 

At the time I met my husband in college, I assumed most families had similar traditions. I couldn't have been more wrong! He comes from a family of non-practicing Jews that eat ham & celebrate Christmas! My husband & his five siblings recognized Hanukkah with a brief celebration, but mostly looked forward to Christmas. He never went to church obviously, but his family traditions were more focused on gathering around food. As a child, his father was the head chef, making steak with bernaise for dinner and eggs benedict for Christmas breakfast. 

Now that we're pregnant, I've spent a lot of time daydreaming about our family's future holiday celebrations. I appreciate that my husband's family genuinely enjoys spending time together, and makes a point to be a family. I also love how food-centered Christmas was in his home. From my family, I appreciate filling the home with Christmas spirit - decorations everywhere, Christmas music playing all day, and watching Christmas movies together by the fireplace. 

I look forward to blending our family traditions together. I actually think I'm more excited as an adult for Christmastime, and especially watching my kids open presents and knowing that I brought them the joy & memories of Christmas that they will remember and pass on to their kids. :)

So to get in the Christmas spirit, I found some fun crafts & decorations that I've collected on my Pinterest for the holidays. Hope you enjoy! :)

 A booklover's lamp! So creative!
Scented Fir Christmas tree topiaries covered in cloves, peppercorns & coffee beans. I love these! I found them last year on Etsy, and I've been wanting to try to make them ever since.
My husband doesn't get it - bubble lights just remind me of home!
DIY Cinnamon ornaments. Great idea and would smell amazing!
German smoking men - another thing that just reminds me of home. They are so awesome!! But hard to find!
Dress up a mason jar with some birch, sticks & twine for a gorgeous, rustic candle. I love this idea for a cabin-feel tablescape.
Simple, clean, neutral entryway decor. 
As a kid, I remember our neighbors having a full set of rattan reindeer lit up with the sleigh in tow. My brother & I got so excited every year when they popped up in their yard! This set is from Pottery Barn.

Where is your favorite place for Christmas/Hanukkah decor shopping?! I've found some fun things on Etsy lately, but I'm always looking for new ideas. Check out my holiday boards on Pinterest for some ideas I've collected already!

What are some of your holiday traditions? Did you find it difficult or exciting when blending those traditions with your spouse?

xo kristen genevieve

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