Vermont for the Week!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I love being in Vermont. If you have read my other posts about life in Boston, traveling to New York City, and reminiscing my wedding in Vermont, you know how much I adore this place. Not only are my sister-in-law and her husband so kind and such great hosts, but I get to breathe in the crisp Vermont air every morning and gaze at the mountains for as long as I please. The air truly smells different here - it's fresh and filled with the scent of fall. I wish I could stay here for another week once my husband comes home! He loves it too.

I've been able to spend a lot of time with my 18 month old niece, Stella this week! She is so adorable. She will run around acting like a crazy toddler, but then can sit & read with me for 15-20minutes. The girl loves books! She especially loves when she sees a kitty in a book, and responds with a "meow" that sounds more like "mah-owww!" She also loves to "moo" at cows but the other day, she saw a panda on TV and mooed at the panda! Hilarious!
She doesn't say much yet, just simple words like mama, dada, papa, up & hop...but this week she's started saying the word "juice!" Its been so exciting to be here and watch her vocabulary grow right in front of my eyes. 

Unfortunately, Stella has been sick all week and at the very end of my trip, I woke up feeling really stuffy with a super sore throat! My husband finally came home Friday, which is awesome, but I don't want to get him sick too! It just sucks to feel exhausted from pregnancy & sickness. I'm not sure how I'll handle being sick as a mom because I'm such a baby when I don't feel well!

But I have so much to look forward to right now. Being home with my husband, sleeping in my own bed, and then in a couple weeks, finding out the gender of our baby! So I'm just trying to stay calm, rest, and enjoy my time in Vermont with family. :)

See you Monday with my 18 week pregnancy update!!

xo kristen genevieve

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