Trip To NYC & Life Since Moving To Boston

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hey all! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I've been sick the past couple days and just needed to sleep! Thanks for understanding!

Last weekend my husband & I took a day trip down to New York to visit my brother-in-law and his girlfriend.  I'm sure most people would love an excuse to visit the city often, but I have a hard time being in New York. I grew up in Minneapolis, which is a city, but nothing compared to New York, and I just need more green space and less people. Since living in Vermont, it may be safe to say I am definitely more of a country girl. 
The highlight of our trip was getting to spend some much needed time with family. We went to Central Park and then out to dinner, and mostly just had great conversation. I'm looking forward to when we all have kiddos so all the cousins can play! 
Coming back home to Boston, I appreciate it a little more after visiting New York, but transitioning from Vermont hasn't been the most perfect experience. It's a big adjustment financially to move to a city - everything just costs more, from rent to food. It's been hard for us to find restaurants that match the quality of Burlington spots, even though they exceed the price.
On the bright side, there is so much more of this city to explore and I know after more time we'll find where we fit! I hope this is the place where we will have our first child, and for that, I know it will bring us some amazing memories. Anywhere that I can be with my husband, I will make a happy place because he is my home. :)

"Don't take it for granted instead take a look around, quit complaining and build something on that ground, plant something on that ground, dance & sleep on that ground, get on your hands & knees and watch the ants walk around the ground." ~Atmosphere

I hope you enjoyed this post. How have your relocating experiences been? Please comment below and connect with me! Life is so much better when we reach out to each other. Also, let me know if you have any restaurant suggestions in the Boston area!

xo kristen genevieve

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