Our First Wedding Anniversary

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Photo by 822 Weddings.

This August, my husband & I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! I'm sure everyone says this, but I can't believe it's already been a year.

I remember all too well the stress of executing all the wedding plans last summer. We lived in a 400 square foot apartment on the second floor without air conditioning, and I shut myself in the bedroom so my husband couldn't see my dress as I sewed buttons all down the back. I look back and think how cool it was that I was able to make amendments to my dress to make it more unique, but also how crazy I was to sew in 98 degree room with a 40 pound gown draped over my legs.

By the time my wedding day arrived, I felt in such a whirlwind that it was hard to believe what was happening. Until I started to put my dress on. From that moment until the end of the ceremony, I did all I could to not burst into happy tears. As I walked to my future husband down the slope of a grassy mountain on a cloudless day, it was as if he was the only person I saw.

After the ceremony, we were both still in so much shock that we were actually married, but so overwhelmed with the love from our friends and family surrounding us. Our wedding was less than 50 people, but we still had a crazy dance party that went on and on. I'm so happy I was able to let go of being such a control freak to enjoy the evening. Looking back, despite all the work it took to get there, it truly was the greatest moment of my life so far.

Photos by 822 Weddings.

What was your favorite part about your wedding? Or if you're planning on getting married, what do you want it to be like? Ours was outside on a mountain in Vermont, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Some people love the city lights and I've seen sooo many awesome ideas on Pinterest for all styles. What's one thing you will definitely not skip when it comes to your special day?

xo kristen genevieve

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