Pregnancy Update: 18 weeks!

Monday, November 11, 2013

I look a little bigger at night, but I'm definitely popping out!

This past week went by so fast! I am now officially 18 weeks pregnant and its dawning on me that I'm already almost halfway through my pregnancy! I'm grateful for how quickly the time has flown by because I've been anxious for a while about my husband leaving for the entire week for work. Now that he's back, I feel relaxed again and I'm missing my Vermont family already!

As I mentioned in my last post about my week in Vermont, I had such a fun time, especially with my sister-in-law and my 18 month old niece! My niece is growing so fast and it makes me so excited for my baby to have such a fun cousin to look up to & grow up with. :)

At the end of the week though, my little niece shared her cold with me! I'm really not good at being sick because I rarely get sick - my mom called me a wimp! I started to worry about whether or not I could take antibiotics while pregnant if I needed too and was just overall worried about my cold somehow impacting the baby. My sister-in-law and my husband both made me feel better, convincing me to realize that colds are normal, especially when your immune system is weakened during pregnancy. Not everything in life is perfect, and that's okay! Ultimately a little cold is just a hiccup in the grand scheme of things and being relaxed will be much better for the baby than stressing.

Now I'm back home in our apartment and I have so much to look forward to. We'll find out our baby's gender in less than two weeks now! Then less than a week after that, Thanksgiving will be upon us already. I'm so looking forward to the holidays this year! Already feeling the love from family & friends near & far, and I'm looking forward to seeing lots of family so soon. :)

Week: 18 Weeks!!

Gender: Not yet! 

Total Weight Gain:
Only 4lbs total so far! I feel like I should be heavier because my belly seems huge compared to two weeks ago. And because I eat a lot! ;)

Exercise: Chasing around my 18 month old niece! Its seriously a lot of work - toddlers are no joke!

Nutrition: I ate less than normal this week, partly due to stress and partly because I just wasn't in my own kitchen. Lots of peanut butter sandwiches this week!

Food cravings/aversions:
I LOVE clementines & lemons this week! The cit
rus cravings are back! I could eat half a box of clementines in one day, but I don't wanted to overload my body on Vitamin C.

Signs of Stretch Marks: Not yet! Still using Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter!

Sleep: I was sleeping fairly well this week until I got sick at the end of the week. Then I had to prop up the pillows!

Feeling: Heartburn is no longer just an evening problem - I get heartburn constantly! Hopefully that means baby will have lots of hair!
My headaches have been much better this week, which is a relief, but I wasn't feeling great while my husband was gone. Most days I was fine, but I can tell my body was definitely stressed. It was definitely one of those tougher times to choose happiness! Then getting sick at the end of the week was tough for a couple days, but luckily I have had a lot of support and have had time to take it easy. :)

Baby Movement: Flutters are happening much more frequently now! Not long enough for my husband to be able to feel it yet though. Its been so exciting!

Belly Button In or Out? In

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

What I miss most this week: My little niece!

Best moment this week: My husband coming home to me :)

Looking forward to: Relaxing back in my own space and eating all the foods I love again!

Be sure to check out my blog post about my week in Vermont with my adorable niece! She is so much fun :)

I hope you're enjoying my pregnancy updates! Please comment & leave links to your blog below! I love hearing from you! :)

xo kristen genevieve


  1. Congratulations! How exciting for you!

    1. Thanks, Laura! Always enjoy your blog :)

  2. I love your updates, you are such a gorgeous mother!!

    1. Awww you're so sweet! Thank you so much! :)

  3. I love your updates as well! I'm 14 weeks pregnant and it's nice to see what's ahead of me! :)

    1. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Everyone is different, but the next month coming up for you was so exciting for me. I loved when I first got a little bump - it grows so quickly! :)

  4. Look at that gorgeous bump! Woohoo! So excited for you to discover the gender. You are right, every single pregnancy is completely different. I have definitely gained more weight than you. Also, I have gotten a cold and I also freaked out because I got a fever. As you prob know, it's really dangerous to have a fever with baby so the doctor told me I had to take tylenol. I got really paranoid, but, ultimately, I had to choose to not risk the baby. I hope you feel better soon! Everyone can notice now my (not-so-little) bump! This is the best feeling to be pregnant with the holidays are coming! We get to celebrate with our family.

    Thanks for sharing your updates! It's so much fun to experience this with you!

    1. Oh no! I hope you're feeling better now, too! I've had to take Tylenol occasionally for headaches, and I felt guilty at first. :/ I also drink the recommended amount of caffeine (coffee) almost everyday, and there are people in my life that give me crap about it still! I've done so much research and I know my body. Its just annoying! haha

      Thanks as always for visiting! Looking forward to another baby update on your blog soon I hope?! :)

  5. Before I was pregnant, I was someone who would quickly take some medication to feel better and thanks to my pregnancy, that changed so much. Basically because you couldn't take anything to harm your baby and I wouldn't want to take that risk anyway. I had morning sickness for 9 months and had a few nasty colds, mostly my immune system was so low and I had a lot of stress at work at that time. It was around that time that the Mexican flu went around and in the end I decided not to get that special flu vaccine, mainly because I was worried about the long term effects. Being sick is no fun, but in the end you just think about your little babe and that always comes first.

    Btw, that first year with a baby was a lot harder health wise, I've never been more sick and miserable than at her first 12 months. Anything she got, I got harder (because of my non existing immune system after my pregnancy). Hope you feel better!

    1. I'm sorry you were sick for so long! That sounds horrible! I definitely worry about handling being sick when I have a baby, especially when we are both sick. I don't handle being sick very well! But we'll just have to get through it.
      Thanks for stopping by :)


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