Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks!

Monday, March 31, 2014

As you know from my 37 week update, I've been dealing with some end-of-pregnancy back pain. Leading up to my 37th week, I exercised a lot. My husband suggested I scale back on my yoga practice this past week so I could see what exactly was hurting my back. I stretched several times throughout the day, including integrating stretches with my balance ball, but I skipped some of the more intense back exercises and it definitely helped! Then over the weekend, I walked all over the place while running errands and my back pain almost vanished! I am so surprised - I thought rest and yoga would be best! Not this week. This experience has taught me that I can do better when it comes to listening to my body.

It's starting to really sink in how close we are to meeting our son. I haven't really been too stressed about labor or becoming a parent, but sometimes it does scare me that I'm not able to visualize how much life will change so instantly when baby arrives. I really enjoy cuddling on the couch & watching TV with my husband. Will I ever have any free time again? Will I be so exhausted that I won't have time to spend with my husband? So many parents complain about how life is all about their kids, but are those people just whiners? (Seriously!)

When I got married, people told me that the first year of marriage is the hardest and honestly, I never experienced that. I'm not trying to say that everything in my life is perfect, because I certainly have issues within myself, but I think my husband and I have genuinely fought once in our +five year relationship - and it didn't last more than a few hours. It surprises me that so many people seem to think fighting once a week or holding long term grudges is just a normal part of marriage. So maybe parenting and family dynamics with a baby are the same way. Maybe having a positive outlook, being grateful for what you have, and making time for the ones you love is enough to make it through major life changes. But what do I know! ;)

Week: 38 weeks - woah - this is getting so real!!

Gender: Boy!!

Total Weight Gain:
I've gained 27lbs total!

Exercise: I scaled way back on yoga this week to determine the problems with my lower back. While stretching throughout the day feels great, some of the strength training yoga moves are just too intense for my back in this stage of pregnancy.

Nutrition: I have been terrible with sweets this week. Every day I eat fruits & veggies, but then I let dessert slide by. Need. more. self-control! 

Food cravings/aversions:
Obsessed with green grapes still! Aaaaand Ben & Jerrys!

Signs of Stretch Marks: Still using Burt's Bees Belly Butter! I have no stretch marks on my belly and I'm curious how much this butter has helped vs. genetics.

Maternity Clothes: No new ones for a while! My maternity shirts are actually starting to get a little short at this point - ha!

Sleep: Much better than last week but I'm still getting up a few times each night!

Feeling: Physically - much better towards the end of the week. Mentally - great! My husband and I have been dealing with some tough life decisions this week and it feels good to have a more solid plan for our immediate future.

Baby Movement: Baby's head is still down, and his body shifts from left to right. Sometimes when I get a strong kick, it feels like it sets off a Braxton Hicks. Maybe it's coincidence, I'm not sure.

Belly Button In or Out? In - but looking crazy!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On - but my fingers are swelling so much at night this past week. :(

What I miss most this week: Sun & warm weather. Stop snowing already!

Best moment this week: Having my husband home all weekend instead of working Saturday! Finally!

Looking forward to: Experiencing real contractions. I know it sounds strange, but if I had on & off contractions this coming week I wouldn't complain. It'd be nice to have my body start working for me slowly! 

I'm sorry I was absent for my Thursday post last week - with all of my new free time, I filled my schedule with projects and plans once again. I can't slow down - it's beyond my Capricorn nature, I've got an intense case of nesting mama instinct! ;)

xo kristen genevieve


  1. I don't know if these people are whiners, but I'm getting prepared for not having any free time for a long time! When I think about sleepless nights and how our life is going to change in a big way, I freak out a little. It doesn't even matter at that point, that I wanted this for so long and how long it took for us to get here! It certainly doesn't help that I have to juggle a full time job and a baby at the same time, while working from home part time and bringing the baby to work the other half. Do you have maternity leave?
    I'm glad your backaches got better this week, I know too well how awful it can be.
    I feel like I say this every week, but I can't believe how close you are to meeting your little one!
    Send me some of this nesting instinct you're talking about...I could use it! :) I'm surprised I haven't gotten there yet!

    1. I agree - I too don't expect a ton of free time or sleep, especially in the first three months. The change will be amazing. I'm not trying to sugar coat things, but I believe having a positive outlook makes a difference! I've known people who were complainers before having kids and they had a harder time adjusting to parenthood. But yes, having two working parents is definitely more difficult. Luckily, I'm able to work part time from home and put my full-time graduate studies on hold for a little while. I definitely don't take this flexibility for granted!
      I would say the nesting instinct just really became an obsession this past month! I've always been a neat freak but this is a whole new level! I'll send good vibes your way! haha ;)
      Backaches are so awful! I thought of you when I was unable to get rid of my pain! I hope you're back is doing better finally! Pregnancy is no joke!


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