Learning To Be Content

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lately, my husband & I have been making some important life decisions. It's important to me to try to be a positive person, but when there is no plan for what's to come, I tend to fall into an attitude of, "hope for the best, prepare for the worst." I admit it - I have a difficult time not feeling like I'm in control. 

This past year since moving to Massachusetts from Vermont has been a trial year for us to grow and decide where we want our lives to go. From the start, we've seen this place as a transition, something temporary that we would eventually move away from. We weren't sure where we wanted to be until we actually moved and realized that Vermont is our true home.

Since then, we've been trying to figure how to to get back to those gorgeous green mountains. We had hoped to move this June, before our son was two months old. Now that the time is creeping near, we've realized how little sense it makes to move now. For my husband's career, we have to stay. We have to be smart! It could be six months, or it could be two years, but the longer we stay, the more we fast track our lives so we can do things the things we want in life. 

While I'm disappointed that we have to postpone our dreams of moving back home, I feel strangely at peace having a more solid plan for our immediate future. I am practicing patience and learning to be content with where I am. I've spent so much of my life so far feeling discontent while struggling with depression. One year ago, I promised myself to not ever let depression consume me again - to do everything that I can to make myself happy & grateful for each day. It's great to have goals and things to look forward to, but not if those visions prevent me from appreciating my life now.

I think sacrifice is a normal part of life, especially when you're young. It's not easy being a twenty-something or even a thirty-something depending on how many turns you've taken in your career. It's also very different making life decisions when you have your kids to consider. Still, I know that I have so much to be thankful for. 

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  1. I feel the same way when I have some sort of realization, whether it will be satisfied in the near future or not. Sometimes having the thought is just as satisfying as completing it. I feel like I can relate to this post in so many ways, I could go on forever!!
    One thing I have personally noticed with myself is that sometimes I tell myself that the current situation is ok because it's temporary and then I dream of what will be someday, but I think it can be as unhealthy as it is healthy. Unhealthy because nothing is every satisfying and you're less likely to be content no matter what, but also healthy because you're otivating yourself to have what you want. What do you think about that?
    And it's very hard moving once you have kids because you get so comfortable with the life you have where you are. It's scary going into the unknown when there is someone who is defensless to consider.


    1. I agree- I have to convince myself that things are okay by calling it "temporary." This is especially handy for me when it comes to spending money, and I feel like I've been able to save a lot by not letting my emotions rule my wallet!
      I believe you can still be motivated towards a better future and learn to become satisfied with your sacrifices if you see them as stepping stones to get to where you want to be. As long as I feel like I'm moving along those stepping stones at a healthy & realistic pace, I feel happy about where I am. Does that make sense?

      I also agree about moving with kids. In my case, I feel like I know places in Vermont (where I lived for 6 years) more than I know Mass (where I've been for less than 1 year), so my current place is more unknown. What I do know is that not only do I feel like Vermont is a better place to raise kids, I know I can't afford to by a house in a good school district here, so I need to get out fairly soon! So much to consider when you have kiddos.

      Thanks for commenting! I feel like we think similarly! Makes me feel like I'm not crazy for thinking too much haha :)


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