Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks!

Monday, March 17, 2014

This has been such a busy week! As you may have seen from my last post, I packed our hospital bags last week! It's so relieving to have that done, I can't even tell you! I also did a good cleaning of the apartment, got a haircut, ordered my breast pump, installed the car seat base, and even squeezed in a little maternity photo session at home. Phew! It's nice to be able to have almost everything done now so I can just relax and enjoy these last few weeks.

This week I've been feeling heavy. When other moms said the last month was the most difficult, I didn't really understand until this week. I've been so busy and physically exhausted that I have to make resting a priority over doing yoga, but I can tell my body is getting heavier and my back is hurting more because I've been neglectful of my exercise routine. I'm mentally motivated to get things done but my body is getting in my way! Hopefully next week will be better if I make yoga more of a priority again. It makes a huge difference!

Week: 36 weeks - 4 weeks to go!! Maybe?!

Gender: Boy!!

Total Weight Gain:
About 26lbs total! 

Exercise: I've been slacking with my yoga routine this week...I've been so exhausted! I have been walking a little more and still stretch for 20-30minutes before bed. But damn, this month might be more difficult than I thought!

Nutrition: I'm kind of boring - same old low-sugar, nut & seed filled granola, organic tomatoes, organic spinach, and lots of bananas. 

Food cravings/aversions:
Craving cayenne - I love lots of spice! But it's been giving me bad heartburn again. :/ Still craving clementines, too! And really all fresh fruit.

Signs of Stretch Marks: Thankfully, no new ones (yet!). Still using Burt's Bees Belly Butter!

Maternity Clothes: No new ones since 32 weeks! But furiously doing laundry because I am running out of clothes that fit!

Sleep: Phew! It's been a tough week for sleep. I get up only a couple times a night if I'm lucky. I've also experienced insomnia some nights, worrying about getting things done in time! I need to woosah!

Feeling: Physically - heavy! This last month might be tougher than I thought! I've also been experiencing some pretty intense heartburn, much worse than my first trimester. I also have swollen feet if I stand for more than an hour without a break. Finally, those Braxton Hicks contractions are increasing in frequency - they're not painful, just slightly uncomfortable. They're a good reminder to practice my labor relaxation techniques! 

Baby Movement: At my doctor appointment last week, baby was moving as she measured my belly. She said, "wow, he's really going!" I replied, "this is actually mild compared to normal!" Ha! We've got a wild one on our hands!

Belly Button In or Out? In - stay, stay!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On - Crossing fingers they'll stay on!

What I miss most this week: My energy. Ironically, yoga gives me energy but I also need to feel good to be motivated to exercise!

Best moment this week: Getting over my anxieties and asking my doctor all the questions about labor & delivery that I've been afraid to discuss with her so far.

Looking forward to: Getting an ultrasound today!

We're in the home stretch! Hoping I'll make it to at least 39 weeks, if not 40 weeks, but realistically, baby could be here any day now!! As you know from my last post and from Instagram, my hospital bags are packed! Check out my list and let me know if I missed anything! Thanks so much for all your support during this time. I really appreciate all of the love and good vibes. :)

xo kristen genevieve

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