Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks!

Monday, March 10, 2014

This week has been so much better than the past few weeks. Not only is it great to be home, but I've been getting a lot done! Makes me feel productive! Last week, I didn't feel comfortable mentioning my experience with my doctor. She hasn't been great all along, always rushing out the door, but this time was the straw that broke the camel's back. Basically, she warned me about gaining too much weight in a rude way, and I felt horrible & pissed off all week. I feel like I've been so healthy throughout my pregnancy! I just like to eat! I felt so uncomfortable that I considered switching doctors and hospitals - at 35 weeks. 

Then my husband & I took a hospital tour. I was anxious to take it because I didn't want to have to visualize a place that I wasn't comfortable in when I felt stuck with this hospital. My mom (an RN) told me about other hospitals in my area, and once I felt like I had an option to switch if it didn't go well, I decided it couldn't hurt to see what the hospital is like. It was so much better than I expected! At first, I felt uncomfortable when the nurse giving the tour said, 'you come in here, get hooked up, and lay in the bed.' But after the class, I asked her several questions and she explained that I would have the option of being more free with a natural childbirth. This place is not perfect, but knowing that I could have the birth experience I want to have made me feel soooo much better!

Last week I wrote a post on birthing which talks about my thoughts on the pros and cons of natural birth vs. medicated birth. This morning at my appointment, I was assertive with my doctor and asked her all my questions and it went much better than my last visit.  I'm glad that I made a point to write to down and questions to make myself feel more comfortable. My mother said something interesting to me - don't be afraid to ask questions or be [polite but] assertive because not only are you a patient, but you are essentially a paying client and this stuff is important! Thanks, Mom. ;)

Week: 35 weeks along!! 5 weeks to go - maybe!! 

Gender: Boy!!

Total Weight Gain:
I fluctuate between 23-25lbs. My uterus is measuring a tad small this week after being warned about gaining too much at my last appointment - go figure! Crazy how much  your body changes in just a couple weeks.

Exercise: Still loving my yoga program, but I wish I were a little more consistent. I cluster my workouts toward the end of the week. But I do stretch and do squats every night before bed. Don't forget about those Kegels, ladies!

Nutrition: Loving garlic, spinach, bananas, and lemons!

Food cravings/aversions:
Feeling more averse to sweets lately - not because cookies make me nauseous, but because I want to be as healthy as possible going into labor.
Also, I've been craving clementines again but have had such a hard time finding good ones over the past couple months!

Signs of Stretch Marks: No new ones, somehow!! Still using Burt's Bees Belly Butter!

Maternity Clothes: Now new ones, but I am looking into getting a nursing bra finally. I'll need a few, but I think I want to start with one until after birth.

Sleep: Not only getting up to go to the bathroom a couple times each night, but also having a bit of insomnia when I wake up! I am constantly dreaming about birthing. :-P

Feeling: Great! A little anxious about getting things done and making the decisions I need to make still, but otherwise, I'm feeling good being home! Physically, I feel so strong & flexible. Its amazing and I can't believe this is what it feels like to be 35 weeks pregnant! Also, my doctor confirmed that my tightening uterus (feels hard with no pain) are indeed Braxton Hicks contractions! I've noticed them a lot more this week than ever before. I'm so excited! :)

Baby Movement: Yes! He's kicking me as I type this. I can feel the difference between a foot or another body part jabbing me, which is pretty amazing!

Belly Button In or Out? In - at this point, I don't think it'll budge. Fingers crossed!

Wedding Rings On or Off? On - please stay this way!!

What I miss most this week: Having a car. I need to get some errands done before baby arrives!

Best moment this week: Feeling relieved after the hospital tour!

Looking forward to: Having a productive week! Also, the Bachelor finale! ;)

xo kristen genevieve


  1. Congrats on week 35! Also, big props for sharing about your doctor. They can be so insensitive at times. Mine decided to ditch me all together mid-pregnancy and didn't even bother to tell me. Luckily, I already liked the head doctor. First of all, you are NOT overweight. You gained exactly what I did at that time and my doctor said it was perfectly fine. You look beautiful and healthy! Didn't you feel better after your hospital tour? Kind of took the mystery out of the unknown. I am terrified with anything medical, so this eased my anxiety a bit. I think I've felt my Braxton kicks, too. I thought....oh my stay inside! Love to follow your journey!

    1. Your doctor didn't tell you he was leaving?! Wow that's insane. I read in your last update that he left but didn't know that he didn't tell you! Glad it's worked out for you but crazy!
      When it comes to weight gain, I gain sporadically, not always consistently. And my weight fluctuates so much, it's hard to measure accurately! I think I gained more weight in that period of time because I was on the road, eating out a lot, in addition to it just being the stage where you get a bigger belly. I just wish it would've been more of a conversation about my lifestyle, not just about a number on the scale. But thank you for your complements! :)
      I definitely wish I had taken the tour sooner. So much better to know what to expect. I had read 32-36 weeks is a good time, but I wish I would've gone in my second trimester since I was already feeling apprehensive back then.
      Braxton Hicks are exciting, right?! (I'm having one now as I type, actually!) I didn't know if I was stressed and if that was causing the tightening, because they don't hurt at all, but I'm so glad to hear it's just those practice contractions!
      I love following your journey too, pretty lady :)

  2. I'm so glad the hospital tour wasn't as bad as you thought it would be! I can't believe your doctor warned you about gaining too much weight...I've gained more than you and I'm 4 weeks behind you and I know moms who gained 60lbs!
    Ha, I'm glad I'm not the only Bachelor Fan out there! I love it and all of my co-workers make fun of me because of it ("On the most dramatic season ever"...haha)!
    You look great, as always!!!

    1. Thank you! I can't believe it either. I've read that depending on your BMI, normal weight gain is mother-in-law was super thin and so she gained 60lbs with each of her 4 kids - that sounds so uncomfortable! At the same time, I fully expected to gain at least 30lbs - there's a lot of baby in there!

      Oh yeah my mom gives me crap for watching the Bachelor. I'm like - mom, it's not real, its just entertaining! Juan Pablo is terrible though haha!


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