Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Woah, mama! 26 weeks! We're so incredibly close to the third trimester now! I have read that the average baby weighs about 2lbs now, up one full pound since 22 weeks!! I definitely feel a lot bigger than a month ago. I've also started stocking up on things like diapers, nursing supplies & bottles - it's time to get ready!  

I have been sleeping well overall, with few, if any, bathroom breaks in the middle of the night. But once this week, I woke in the middle of the night to a charlie horse in my leg - not fun! And on Sunday, I woke up with a sharp pain just under my right breast that lasted throughout the day. I did some research and I think its my uterus is growing so large that its now pushing up on my ribs. It has begun! 

This has been a fun week for my little man! His movements are so frequent & strong! I love to watch him "shark fin" across my belly. I feel like a scientist observing my belly move when he kicks or "shark fins" across - its so cool! Is that something only a pregnant lady can love?!  

Week: 26 weeks! Getting so close to the third trimester now!

Gender: Boy!!

Total Weight Gain:
10.5lbs!! Just about 1.5lbs up from last week!

Exercise: Squats with arms & back stretching.

Nutrition: Trying to reel back on all the sugar from the holidays this week - I know I can do better. But I have had a ton of spinach this week in smoothies & pasta. My husband also made a stir fry with fresh organic peppers, carrots, snow peas, chicken & peanut butter this week. Yum!

Food cravings/aversions:
Mac n cheese with truffle oil...chedder is my weakness!

Signs of Stretch Marks: My husband thinks he can see the slightest marks around my belly button. I'm in denial. haha!

Maternity Clothes: Didn't end up going shopping because of the snow in Boston. Definitely need a couple longer shirts though!

Sleep: I've been so relaxed this week so my sleep has been great. Except for the charlie horse in my leg - I think it was because I ended up on my back so my blood circulation was off. 

Feeling: Great overall! Aside from the charlie horse and growing uterus pushing against my ribs!

Baby Movement: Our baby boy has been sooo active this week! He sleeps from time to time, but the rapid activity when he is awake is incredible. We may have a little wild one on our hands!

Belly Button In or Out? In

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

What I miss most this week: Vermont

Best moment this week: My husband having most of the week off has been awesome, but the best single moment was finding out that someone I love is going to be a mom again!! On Instagram, I shared the first trimester care package I made her this weekend. Our babies will be just a few months apart and I am beyond excited!!

Looking forward to: Receiving all of my baby packages & getting organized! I love getting packages in the mail! Who doesn't?! 

I've been focusing on just my pregnancy updates over the past couple weeks over the holidays because I've been so busy & creating content takes a lot of time! I do love blogging, but I also have a list of things I want to do before baby arrives. I'll keep you updated as much as possible, but expect my pregnancy updates to continue as my primary posts in the coming weeks! Thanks so much for reading!:)

xo kristen genevieve


  1. Wow, I can't believe they double in weight from 22 weeks to 26 weeks! I'm 22 weeks now, so it looks like there's a lot of growing in my near future! :)
    The care package is so sweet, what a great friend you are! And so fun to be pregnant with a friend and to have your babies close in age!
    You look great (I'm still amazed about the fact that you've only gained 10lbs! I think I gained 10 in my first rimester…haha)!

    1. I'm sorry its taken me so long to respond, Nadine! Thank you for being so sweet! I try to be a good friend but sometimes I'm not so great at it when I'm busy! :)
      It is sooo crazy how fast they grow from 22-26 weeks! And what's even more exciting is how much more they develop. I hope you're feeling well! :)


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