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Monday, October 14, 2013

So remember a few months back when I said I had some exciting news for you? Well, its been tough to hold it in but... we're pregnant!!! I'm so excited to be expecting our first child this April! I am a bit in disbelief some days, but I am so grateful for this wonderful new life!
Here is an update on how my first trimester has been going, so this first one is a little long. After this I'll be sure to update you on a weekly basis! Thanks for following and sharing your experiences with me!

Week: 13 weeks today! Last Week of my First Trimester! Baby is the size of a peach, about 3 inches long!

Gender: Not certain yet because its still early, but my husband and I are both convinced it's a boy!

Total Weight Gain: Nothing yet - somehow! My weight fluctuates 1-2lbs depending on what I eat and the time of day, but I generally hover around 121-122lbs.

Exercise: Before trying to conceive, I ran or erged on my rowing machine for 20-30minutes, 5-6 days a week. Since becoming pregnant...well, I haven't been good. I blame it on nausea, fatigue and headaches, but I know I can do better! Especially as I approach my second "golden" trimester!

Nutrition: Homemade smoothies are by far the healthiest thing I consume. I use about 2 cups water, 2 cups organic spinach, frozen organic blueberries, raspberries and mango, and 2 bananas. I also like to add the juice of 1/2 a lemon, but they aren't at Trader Joe's lately! Sometimes I add low-fat yogurt (never fat free!), but my husband doesn't love it. I used to make this smoothie everyday, and now I only make it 2-4 times a week because I've been lazy! I know I need to make it more often!

Food cravings: My cravings have changed week by week. Over the first trimester, I've craved grapefruit, Goldfish, Annie's Mac n Cheese, pizza, and spicy Thai food. My weakness is cheese.

Aversions: Sweets! I used to eat ice cream every night for a few months before becoming pregnant. Now I can't stand sweets! I can't even eat watermelon! Plus over the past three weeks, whenever I try things like cider donuts at the pumpkin patch, it triggers a massive heahache. :(
I also used to LOVE garlic. We used to cook with an entire bulb for dinner, five nights a week. Now I can't stand more than a clove or two! This aversion makes me sad because garlic is so healthy! 

Signs of Stretch Marks: Not yet. I just ordered Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter for prevention, but I've read stretch marks are largely genetic and unavoidable. Small price to pay for a little bundle of joy!

Sleep: Fine! I napped so much in the first two months especially. 

Feeling: I felt nauseous all day form 5.5weeks to 9.5weeks (Update: 6.5weeks to 10.5 weeks since we were a week off on the due date!). Then I began feeling random nausea for the next few weeks (especially while brushing my teeth!). Fatigue - all the time. But the worst part for me has been the headaches. Over the past 3 weeks, I've had horrible headaches everyday. I hate taking Tylenol, so I started drinking 2 cups of organic coffee (brewed slightly weak at home) most days of the week. The caffeine seems to help my headaches quite a bit, and even though I'm drinking at or even under the recommended amount (considering I don't drink pop or eat chocolate), I still feel a little guilty for my habit. I used to drink several cups a day, then started cutting back to 2-3 cups about 6 months ago, then quit completely once we started trying to conceive. It feels like a step backwards but I hate feeling debilitated by headaches!

Baby Movement: The baby can do somersaults by now, but I can't feel it yet! I can't wait too though!

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding Rings on or off? On

Other Notes: I've been taking New Chapter Perfect Prenatal organic vitamins for several (including a few months before we started trying). They are affordable on Amazon, smell great, and don't make me sick! I am still looking for a DHA supplement that doesn't smell like fish. Suggestions?

What I miss most this week: Having clear skin!

Best moment this week: Getting a lot of research done on non-toxic products for baby. I'm a Capricorn - I love to plan!

Looking forward to: Our first ultrasound at the end of this week! I can't wait to meet our baby and hear the heartbeat!

I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you! I am looking forward to having discussions with you about pregnancy, raising kids, baby products I love, anything! But I want to keep the discussions positive and informational, not judgemental of me or especially any of my commenters. This blog is not meant to be controversial, but a celebration of life and motherhood! Please respect that. And please comment! I love hearing from you!

Have you had kids and have any advice for me at this stage of pregnancy? Are you looking forward to starting a family? Suggestions on a DHA supplement? Please share your story with me! Life's better when we live it together. :)

Until next time...

xo kristen genevieve


  1. congratulations !! that's amazing news !
    can't wait to see the updates


    1. Thank you! And thanks for sharing your blog link, I love it!

  2. Found your blog through your comment Anna Saccone's ahhaha Congrats, mama!! Love your blog! I just had my first in March :)


    1. Thanks! Can you believe how time flies? Your little girl is adorable!! :)

  3. SO excited for you friend!!! You are such a beautiful mama to be!!

    1. Aww, thank you!! And thanks for the Google and Bloglovin follows!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I love the title of your blog, by the way! I want mama's boys! haha

  5. So, so happy for you! Doesn't it feel magical? For a DHA supplement, I take a pill called a DHA Prenatal supplement from CVS. It's compared to Expecta. I would ask your doctor. It's not the same as getting it from salmon etc., but I take it either way. First time mother-to-be trying to figure it out!

    1. Thank you for the advice!! I had been struggling with this for several weeks. I actually did ask my doctor after I posted this. She gave me some samples of CitraNatal 90DHA and another DHA supplement, I can't remember the name. My husband & I did some research, and I tossed the other brand because it advertised that it contained DHA but didn't show what percent was DHA (vs ALA) in the ingredients list. I guess ALA's good components just aren't absorbed by the body as well as DHA. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the CitraNatal so far (no fishy smells or burps) so I'll have to get some more samples for now until I get a prescription. :)

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy! Enjoy every minute of it cause it's truly a miracle and the start of an amazing adventure! Any advice: just listen to your body, it knows what to do and enjoy!

    1. Great advice! It does feel like a great adventure. I feel like I have the ability to listen to my body, but I have trouble reacting to my body to make my life easier. I've had headaches for the past several weeks, and being on the computer often makes it worse for me, but I have to blog and pinterest and keep going! It's hard to stop. But its great to have people like you to remind me to slow down and remember that baby is most important. Thanks for your comment :)


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